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Career Opportunities in Golf

In today's golf industry there are many exciting employment and career opportunities available in addition to traditional golf operations positions.

Here are some of the more frequently requested jobs that are available through the PGA's Career Services.


Many of the most prominent opportunities available for PGA Professionals are for general manager positions. Many clubs and facilities are looking for PGA Professionals are for general manager positions. Many clubs and facilities are looking for PGA Professionals to serve as the Chief Operating Officer. The PGA Professional who serves as a General Manager / COO is normally removed from the management of day-to-day golf activities and becomes more involved with the big picture. General Managers are typically accountable for all areas of the facility, ensuring synergy in all departments and activities.

General Managers work with owners or the Board of Directors to implement and carry out facility missions, long-term objectives, and policies. The general manager oversees all aspects of the operation and fosters relationships between the facility, board, ownership, members, guests, employees, community, government and industry. One of the main responsibilities is to keep ownership or board informed on the facility's performance and report significant issues.

Successful general managers are leaders who can build a team by hiring, training, supervising, and coaching staff members. They are accountable for all departmental budgets and can analyze, interpret and recommend or make corrective measures when necessary.

A general manager needs to know the principles and operational objectives of all the facility's departments including the food and beverage and course maintenance operations. If there are issues, the general manager notifies the department manager of the need for corrective action.

A general manager's compensation can be some of the highest in the industry, ranging from $65,000 to $175,000+ based on responsibilities, facility type and fee structure, clientele, departments, services and budget.

Manufacturer's Sales Representative

Representatives can work as an employee of one company or as an independent representative for many manufacturers' lines. The skill and experience focus is on sales, interpersonal skills, merchandising and product knowledge, and organizational skills. Compensation ranges from $45,000 to $135,000 depending on the company and qualifications.

Golf Learning and Player Development Centers

The newest golf ranges and practice facilities are Golf Learning and Player Development Centers. Learning and Player Development Centers are upscale learning and practice facilities that may include better and more extensive practice areas, golf schools, custom club making, club fitting, swing analysis, and even a few practice holes to play. Skill and experience requirements focus on excellent individual and group instruction programs, high-level customer service, swing analysis, club fitting and club repair. Compensation ranges from $30,000 to $65,000 based on experience and the business.

Golf Retail Store Management

Many retail sporting goods and golf specialty stores are looking for PGA Professionals to manage their golf retailing business. Departmental management positions require experience and knowledge in golf retail operations, sales, merchandising, instruction, swing analysis and club fitting, club repair, golf product knowledge and sales trends. Compensation ranges from $35,000 to $60,000 based on responsibilities, experience and the company.

Association Management

There are opportunities to work at golf associations such as PGA Sections, State Golf Associations and other National Golf Associations. Desired skills and experience include good business management, project management, interpersonal and customer service, fiscal management, personnel management, computer applications, marketing and promotion and overall knowledge of the golf business. Compensation ranges from $45,000 to $125,000 based on experience and the position.

Rules Official

These are opportunities for PGA Professionals who are experienced as rules officials and are USGA/PGA Rules Certified (92+ on rules exam). Golf Tours, Golf Associations, and PGA Sections are always in the market for good rules officials and tournament managers. The job requires excellent rules knowledge, usually requires rules certification, and experience administrating rules during competition. The position may require extensive travel. Compensation ranges from $45,000 to $90,000 depending on the level of Rules expertise, experience and the level of competition.

Tournament Director

If you are experienced in tournament administration, enjoy managing large events, and are proficient in the Rules of Golf, this may be the job for you. There are PGA Sections, Golf Associations, Golf Tours, charitable and corporate entities, and other organizations that are interested in good Tournament Directors. Competencies for this position may include extensive tournament management experience, marketing and promotion skills, tournament software knowledge, excellent knowledge of the Rules of Golf, calligraphy, good interpersonal skills, and good project management skills. This position may require extensive travel. Compensation ranges from $30,000 to $90,000.

Marketing and Promotions Director

Golf facilities and management companies are now pursuing individuals who have marketing and promotional skills to develop and coordinate marketing and promotional strategies for their facilities. This position usually requires extensive experience in marketing and sales, membership recruitment, database and contact management, and strong interpersonal and communication skills. Compensation ranges from $30,000 to $65,000.


Golf course managers, owners, and prospective owners are looking for experienced PGA Professionals who can provide information and expertise on operations, marketing and long range planning. Additional consulting opportunities are available for feasibility studies, pro-forma and project development and start up. Desired skills and experience may include course ownership experience, operation consulting experience, extensive operations management expertise, and facility start-up experience. Compensation is based on the scope of work.

Club Repair / Fitting Specialist / Sales

Manufacturers are actively seeking PGA Professionals who have strong club fitting and club repair experience for positions in product demonstrations, demo days, club fitting, club repair and adjustment, and product sales. Desired skills and experience include swing dynamics, club repair, club building, sales, sound teaching skills, and extensive club fitting, sales, and interpersonal skills. The position could require extensive travel. Compensation ranges from $30,000 to $90,000.

College Golf Coach

Many colleges and universities at all levels are looking to PGA Professionals to fill positions as golf coaches. Desired skills and experience include good organizational abilities, strong teaching background, knowledge of NCAA rules and recruiting regulations, plus the ability to motivate and mentor team members. Compensation varies depending on the position, school, division, etc.


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