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CareerLinks (Management Positions)

Q. What is CareerLinks?

A. CareerLinks is The PGA of America's complimentary employment referral service that notifies PGA Professionals about employment opportunities that meet their employment preferences and qualifications.

The most valuable part of CareerLinks is the team of regional PGA Career Services Consultants, whose goal is to serve as the official hiring resource for industry employers. Complimentary services provided by the Consultants through CareerLinks include needs analysis, compensation statistics, hiring process assistance, hiring tools, an employment referral service and much more.

The second most valuable component of CareerLinks is the state-of-the art, web-based database that contains valuable employment information for more than 16,500 active PGA Professionals. Information includes work history, operational experience and future employment preferences.

Q. How do PGA Professionals Enroll in CareerLinks?

A. To enroll in CareerLinks, PGA Professionals must complete their PGA CareerLinks Profile and indicate that they wish to participate in CareerLinks. To remain active in CareerLinks, PGA Professionals are required to update their information every two years. Once enrolled in the program, PGA Professionals will be notified about employment opportunities that match their employment preferences and an employer's search criteria.

Q. How does CareerLinks Work?

A. PGA Career Services Consultants work with employers to help them determine the skills and experience that would best qualify candidates for the position. Once the search criteria are determined, the information is entered into the CareerLinks database. CareerLinks instantaneously searches through the database of "ProFiles," and identifies PGA Professionals who meet the search criteria.

Identified Professionals are notified via e-mail about the position. If they are interested and wish to apply, they are requested to visit a Web site to retrieve the job application information. It is important that PGA Professionals register for the position by indicating, "SENDING RESUME," if they intend to apply. Those who register as a CareerLinks applicant then forward their cover letter and resume to the employer.

The employer screens and interviews candidates and makes a hiring decision.

Still have questions about CareerLinks? Contact your regional Career Consultant for more information.