Master Professional Program

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A Master Professional maintains the highest degree of excellence for themselves and their operations.

The PGA Master Professional Program was established in 1969 to recognize PGA Members who make a significant effort to improve themselves as golf professionals and maintain the highest degree of excellence for themselves and their operations.

One of the original requirements for earning Master Professional status was the submission of an extensive thesis on an aspect of golf, which was reviewed by a panel of professional experts in the field. The Master Professional Program then changed to require the member to complete one of the seven Specialty Certification courses: Teaching, Rules, General Management, Golf Operations, Tournament Operations, Golf Car Fleet Management or Merchandising. Professionals desiring Master Professional status also had to be active PGA Members for a minimum of ten (10) years working in their desired career path.

After a PGA Member becomes a Certified Professional and meets the employment pre-requisite, he or she will be eligible to work toward the Master Professional Program by preparing a special project in their selected career path that meets the approval of examiners.

The Master Professional applicant will present their project to a panel of examiners and answer questions on the project. The applicant also should be prepared to answer general questions pertaining to his or her career path, and some career paths, such as Teaching & Coaching, will require a live simulation or demonstration.

Find a Master Professional in Your Field

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Please Note:  A PGA Member is required to have ten years of work experience in order to achieve PGA Master Professional status. This criteria has been approved by the PGA Board of Directors upon recommendation from the PGA Education Committee, and supersedes any previous Master Professional eligibility guidelines.