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Get Golf Ready
Adult Programs
Get Golf Ready
Adult Programs

Get Started with Get Golf Ready

Hosting Get Golf Ready has never been easier.

Get Golf Ready programming is available to all PGA Professionals and Apprentices. For non-PGA staffed facilities, please register to become an official Get Golf Ready host facility.


  1. Review the Get Golf Ready Manual for suggested curriculum & best practices.
  2. Promote Your Events Online:  Use the PGA's Program Manager, to feature your programs on, & PGA members can use this free resource to schedule events, collect online student registrations, manage class rosters and send follow-up communication to students.
  3. Visit the PGA Marketing Resource Center:  Print or download brochures, posters, banners, emails, and more. Once you've finished customizing, let OfficeMax print and ship them directly to your facility - at special PGA member pricing.
  4. Post Your MSR Credits:  Every Get Golf Ready class is worth 2 PGA Required MSRs. 



Get Golf Ready is the flagship, branded approach to introductory group lessons for PGA Professionals to attract new and returning golfers. To host Get Golf Ready at your facility, simply decide that it is the right adult introductory product for your facility's Player Development strategy to create new customers.

Pillars of the program include offering affordable group lessons, building comfort and confidence among new golfers and helping your new customers get out on the golf course as quickly as possible. Get Golf Ready is typically advertised as $99 for a series of 5 group lessons. The program generally covers the basic fundamentals of the game (putting, chipping, irons and woods) in addition to helping students learn how to navigate the facility and an introduction to golf etiquette. However, the program is entirely flexible to each PGA Member and their unique facility needs, including the number of lessons, price charged and curiculum taught.

Get Golf Ready is not a one-time transaction between yourself and a customer! Get Golf Ready should be but just one part of your facility's player development strategy. The consumer's experience with golf and your facility should not stop with the completion of the class but rather blossom into a larger relationship where the customer feels a part of your golfing community. Be sure to follow-up with graduates and leverage Get Golf Ready as a feeder program to your facility's other instruction and play offerings!

If Get Golf Ready is the right product for your facility, use the quick links above to schedule, promote and execute the program at your facility.