Honorary PGA of America Members

Three U.S. Presidents, a legendary American comedian, one of golf's greatest competitors and the heavyweight boxing champion of the world are among the 11 individuals who have earned special recognition by being named PGA Honorary Members.

They are honored for outstanding contributions to the game of golf.

Thomas Crane* Elected November 30, 1962
Hon. Dwight D. Eisenhower* Elected November 29, 1967
Gary Player Elected December 6, 1974
Hon. Gerald R. Ford* Elected December 4, 1975
Bob Hope* Elected December 9, 1982
Lloyd Lambert* Elected December 11, 1986
Dennis Walters Elected November 7, 1992
John Jachym* Elected November 5, 1994
Hon. George H.W. Bush Elected November 6, 2003
Joseph P. Steranka Elected November 8, 2008
Joe Louis Barrow* (Posthumously) Elected November 14, 2009
* Deceased