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How to Retain Get Golf Ready Customers

Get Golf Ready is a proven introductory program to create customers for your facility. 

However, the customer relationship should never end after the first 5 sessions and exchange of $99. To really create customers for your facility, you need to proactively communicate with your students, invite them to return to the facility and provide meaningful next-step programming for them to participate in. Above all, ensure the student feels welcome and comfortable in their return.

Some ideas for next step programming include:

  • Get Golf Ready 2 & 3
  • Get Golf Ready & Beginner Leagues
  • Discounted Golf Offerings
  • 9 & Dines, Golf Happy Hours, etc.

Below you'll find some suggested best-practices and thought starters for retaining new customers for your facility.


  • Create a friendly, welcoming, community environment.
  • Email, call and reach out to students – share participant lists with your students so they can keep playing with students from class or students with similar abilities.


  • Give loyalty cards to get students coming back. Invite students to bring a friend to play in outings and leagues.
  • Incentivize your instructors based on students coming back to play.
  • Encourage students use tee markers best suited to their ability or utilize a non-traditional course setup (ie: teeing off from the 150-yard marker).
  • Consider offering special pricing to encourage students to return to play and practice. (i.e., may offer pricing based on the number of holes played or promotions for range balls).
  • Share the “It’s Okay” Hints that give students permission to HAVE FUN!
  • Share the “Ready Golf” Hints that give students suggestions on how to be ready to play when it’s their turn and keep play moving along.


  • Provide an on‐going playing experience that includes once or twice a week outings for 12 to 20 weeks.
  • Host beginner leagues and promote “beginner‐friendly” times on your tee sheets.
  • Use scramble format and have students play 3, 6 or 9‐holes.
  • Schedule a “Play with the Pro” best ball or alternate shot format, where students are able to learn from the on‐course playing experience with golf professionals and/or mentors.
  • Have students start in a shotgun format and play for a stipulated number of minutes. Improvements can be measured by how many holes they play.

These are just a few ways to create lasting customers from your new Get Golf Ready student.


Download the Get Golf Ready Host Manual