PGA Professional Research

Importance of the PGA Brand

The PGA brand, it’s one of the primary reasons you have dedicated your time and energy to obtain this achievement.  So now that you have it, what does it mean to you?

In a recent study of more than 4,700 PGA Professionals, the PGA brand was primarily viewed as a way of adding credibility and serves as an integral element in helping to promote you and your programs and services.

However, when it comes to leveraging the PGA brand, it appears that the PGA Professionals by in large believe the brand is more important to them than their employer or customers.  This may make sense through the eyes of a PGA Professional, but what about through the eyes of your customer? 

A PGA led study conducted in the Spring of 2014 evaluated interests and attitudes of golfing and non-golfing consumers including the impact and importance of PGA Professional involvement in select player development programs.


The overwhelming majority of golfers and non-golfers feel PGA Professional involvement in the delivery of Get Golf Ready is a very positive element to this program.

Three-quarters or more of golfing parents and more than 45% of non-golfing parents feel PGA Professional involvement in the delivery of youth golf programs is very positive.


While there may be some confusion among consumers as to the role of the PGA Professional, rest assured that consumers view the PGA brand as the best in golf. So take a moment and look through your golf programming and marketing materials to see how you are taking advance of those three initials to help grow your business and your connection to the PGA brand.


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