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Diversity and Inclusion

Leverage the Power of Diversity & Inclusion

In an ever changing world some things still hold firm. One of those is data, from which most critical business decisions are made. The old saying, “the proof is in the pudding” comes to mind when discussing data and data-driven decisions. Data has proven that businesses with more multicultural perspectives at the table have increased their profits by double-digit percentages.

So you may ask, ‘how do you leverage the power of diversity and inclusion to engage new customers’? Well The Fundamentals of Diversity & Inclusion training is a great place to start.

The PGA provides customized education and training sessions at the Chapter, Section and National levels of the Association. The Fundamentals of Diversity & Inclusion is instrumental in understanding the basics. It provides an in-depth look at unconscious bias, the demographic trends, gender, generations, race and culture, sexual orientation and people with disabilities. More so, it provides the language to build new relationships and drive meaningful conversations to create inclusive environments and grow your business.

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