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MSR Information for PGA Jr. League Captains and Coaches

PGA Jr. League Captains and Coaches receive 3 MSR credits per team that they Captain/Coach. New for this year, and going forward, these credits will post following the season close date of July 31.

Due to this change, the PGA will be monitoring for those Captains/Coaches who need the MSR posted to the current MSR cycle (ending June 15, 2018). If you need these credits posted for the current cycle, please contact your Regional League Manager, who will work with the Membership Department at PGA HQ to verify that you will have your credits posted to this current cycle ending June 15, 2018.

Otherwise, MSRs for the 2018 season will apply towards the new cycle (beginning June 16, 2018). Again, please note going forward that PGA Jr. League MSRs will be posted in August of each year.

Due to the MSR cycle ending in the middle of the 2018 season, please note that any Captain who is moved to Class F or Reserve (formerly Inactive) status will be allowed to complete their regular season. However, a Class F or Reserve Captain will be ineligible to serve as an All-Star Captain for the 2018 post-season.

If you have any questions, contact your Regional League Manager.