PGA of America Global Employment Program Debuts

By Don Jozwiak, Senior Editor
PGA Magazine

Golf is truly a global game, and the PGA of America is making sure its members are positioned to help grow the sport around the world. The PGA of America has partnered with Colt Mackenzie McNair (CMM) – the leading executive recruitment specialist in golf markets outside the U.S. – in an effort to support PGA Professionals in finding and securing international employment opportunities.

In essence, CMM becomes an international extension of the 14 PGA Employment Consultants working to match PGA Professionals with golf facilities seeking experts in the game and business of golf. As with the existing format for domestic employment services, CMM will be seamlessly integrated into the job-seeking tools PGA Professionals already use, including, CareerLinks and JobFinder.

“The PGA of America is looking to assist our members with a global services department, and it fits into our Long-Term Strategic Plan,” says PGA CEO Pete Bevacqua. “When we put the PGA Long-Term Strategic Plan together, we made the very conscious decision that we needed to have global expansion as one of the critical, core areas of the Association. Guided by our mission of serving our 28,000 men and women members in growing the game, the global market is a key component of that strategy.”

Coming off of the Ryder Cup, the biggest global event in golf, the successful launch of golf in the recent Rio 2016 Olympic Games is expected to spur additional spending on developmental programs in golf, as many national sports organizations only allocate funds to Olympic sports. But the decision to partner with CMM and create a global employment program for PGA Professionals underscores the existing strong demand for PGA of America-certified professionals outside of the U.S.

“The PGA of America is already an international golf organization,” says Bevacqua, who sits on the board of the International Golf Federation. “We have our members working in 35 countries as of today, and we want to expand that.

“That golf is back in the Olympics after a 112-year hiatus is good for the game, and will have a profound impact on golf growing globally – especially in countries looking to develop the game. And it should be PGA of America Professionals at the ready to help.”

Of the more than 33,000 golf facilities in the world, approximately 45 percent are in the U.S. CMM has recruitment expertise in areas of the world that account for 47 percent of the remaining golf facilities: Europe (22 percent), the Asia Pacific region (20 percent), Africa (3 percent) and Latin America (2 percent). There are also roughly 500 golf course projects underway internationally – many based on resort or real estate projects – that would likely benefit from the expertise of PGA of America Professionals. Nearly half of those golf projects are concentrated in India, China and Vietnam.

In partnering with CMM, the PGA of America aims to make the process of finding and placing PGA Professionals in global job openings easy and successful for the golf facility and the golf professional.

“The primary objectives of the PGA of America’s new global employment strategy are to identify to employers that PGA Professionals are truly best in class, and to identify to our members the opportunities that exist globally,” says PGA COO Darrell Crall. “And we will also help our PGA members be prepared to handle these new ventures with tool and resources they’ll need to succeed at their new positions.”

PGA Professionals who are interested in learning more about global employment opportunities can log on to for additional information.

Reprinted with permission from PGA Magazine