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PGA of America Mentors Moroccan Sports Delegate

The PGA of America is actively participating in the sixth annual U.S. Department of State and espnW Global Sports Mentoring Program by hosting Naoual Zaaraoui, a sports leader and delegate from Morocco.

Throughout October, the PGA will help Zaaraoui acquire the sports marketing, communications and organizational leadership skills she needs to pave her entrepreneurial path and inspire a brighter future for generations of working women and aspiring female coaches and athletes in Morocco. This is the fourth time the PGA has taken part in the Global Sports Mentoring Program.

“The PGA of America is excited to host Naoual Zaaraoui, as she works to advance the rights and participation of women and girls in Morroco through sports,” said Sandy Cross, Senior Director of Diversity & Inclusion. “We are mentoring and guiding her in the creation of a comprehensive action plan that is designed to promote inclusion through sport.”

Zaaraoui is the daughter of El Ghazi, who competed in Track and Field in the 1964 Olympics. Naoual’s dream is to become Morocco’s second female sports minister. She also hopes to create her own company, The Golden Horse Agency, as a way of providing women with career opportunities.

“I want to prove that when a woman creates a project, she can take it to the last step,” said Zaaraoui, a Track and Field Coach for the Royal Moroccan Athletics Federation. “For us, the project is like a baby. We must do everything to make it grow up and have a good future. With this, we can change the way of thinking toward women.”

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