PGA Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the PGA Financial Assistance Fund?
A. It provides college scholarships for children and grandchildren of PGA Members.

Q. How do I apply?
A. The PGA Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship application is online at You will need the PGA Member’s ID number to access the application.

Q. Who can apply?
A. High school seniors and college students with a cumulative GPA of 3.4 (unweighted) or higher and who are the children or grandchildren of a PGA Class “A” Member in good standing.

Q. Do I have to play golf to be eligible for a scholarship?
A. No. The PGA Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship is based on academics, activities and merit.

Q. What is the scholarship amount(s)?
A. There are two scholarships, the PGA Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship and the John Cox Scholarship. The PGA Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship is in the amount of $2000. The John Cox Scholarship is in the amount of $5000 and is for college students only. The online scholarship application is used for both scholarships.

Q. Can I use the scholarship money for a trade school?
A. The scholarship money is for attending a traditional college to earn an associates or a baccalaureate degree.

Q. How are the scholarship dollars disbursed?
A. The PGA of America will issue a check in the school’s name for the full amount. The scholarship dollars are for the fall and spring semester, tuition, books and lab fees only.

Q. Do I have to submit an essay or personal references?
A. No, an essay or personal references are not needed.

Q. What are “supporting documents”?
A. Supporting documents are the official school transcript, and the ACT or SAT scores (if a high school student). The first page of the Student Aid Report (SAR) is required if applying for financial need.

Q. What does it mean “official” school transcript?
A. An official transcript is one that the school has mailed to the PGA of America in a sealed envelope.

Q. I have an ACT account online with my test information. Can I print my scores from the web and send it in?
A. No. The scores need to be submitted by ACT to the PGA of America.

Q. I have an SAT account online with my test information. Can I print my scores from the web and send it in?
A. No. The scores need to be submitted by the College Board to the PGA of America.

Q. How many scholarships are awarded?
A. The number varies. It is dependent on the availability of funds and IRS guidelines concerning private scholarship foundations.

Q. How is it decided which student gets a scholarship?
A. Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the PGA Scholarship Committee.

Q. When and how will I know if I am selected to receive a scholarship?
A. The scholarship recipients are announced in May. All the applicants will receive a letter and an email with the results.

Q. What happens to the scholarship money if I leave school after the fall semester?
A. The school has to send the remaining scholarship dollars back to the PGA of America.

Q. I am planning to attend graduate school. Can I apply for the PGA Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship?
A. The scholarship is for first four years only. No graduate studies or 5th year under-graduate.

Q. Do I have to apply every year?
A. Yes. All students need to reapply every year.

Q. Can I receive a scholarship every year while I am in college?
A. No. The maximum number of scholarships a student can receive is two.

Q. Why do I have to submit a photo?
A. Your photo is needed because it will be used in several of the PGA's communication vehicles. The John Cox Scholarship recipients' photos and all the names of the scholarship recipients will be listed in a fall issue of the PGA Magazine and online at, the digital edition of PGA Magazine. Photographs of all scholarship recipients will appear on and

Q. I have applied for a scholarship before and I didn’t receive one. Should I still apply?
A. Yes. Every year presents an entirely new opportunity, as the applicant pool will change and potentially be less qualified. The required criteria of this application will automatically rank the applicants in terms of who is best qualified to receive a scholarship. The rankings are automated by the criteria (test scores, GPA, activities).

Q. When should I have my school mail in my transcript?
A. You should have your school submit your school transcript after the fall semester and before the deadline. The official transcript should have your first semester grades. Generally students will request their transcript be sent to the PGA after the New Year. That way the transcript has the first semester grades and the student’s current class schedule.

Q. I’m a college student. Do I have to get my SAT and/or ACT scores sent to the PGA?
A. No. Only high school students have to have the College Board or ACT submit their test scores.

Q. How will I know if PGA has received my supporting documents?
A. You will be contacted if there are any missing documents. You may call anytime during normal business hours to check on the status.