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PGA Jr. League Captain Newsletter: July

Thanks to your efforts, we have officially reached a record 50,000 registered PGA Jr. League players this season – and we're not done yet!

This has been a year of firsts, with new team jerseys, an online store, an expanded scholarship program, and more. We are committed to supporting you in all that you do as Captains and Sections to create golfers and turn your facilities into community centers through PGA Jr. League.

Have you emailed in photos and videos from your 2018 season for our year-end online album yet? Send them to to be featured!">

New & Now: PGA Jr. League Postseason presented by National Car Rental

Click here to download the postseason schedule, as sites and dates have been updated since our last newsletter. The schedule is also available for download by clicking the image next to the Region Map at

As we head into August, we're excited to transition into our revised postseason for 2018 that is designed to:

  • Be aspirational for all players.
  • Be rewarding for those who have played their best during the regular season.
  • Create a fun and welcoming environment for the 20% of regular season players who identify as competitive golfers.
  • Serve as a celebration and culmination of PGA Jr. League as a whole.

For those Captaining or Coaching All-Star teams, we thank you in advance for bringing these values to life. We’re especially excited to see the PGA Jr. League families experience the festival-like environments of your Section Championships!

We love stories of players who embody the true team spirit of PGA Jr. League. Last postseason, we saw a Dallas-based All-Star team support their competitors in the Houston area after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, inviting them to their facility to practice and stay before the Regional should they need it. Click here to read the story.

Templates & Tools

Looking for an official way to invite your All-Star players to the team? We’ve created an invitation template for you! Click here to download and customize the All-Star invitation template.

This is a form-fillable PDF that you can complete digitally and either print or email to your players. We recommend you follow up with your All-Star players and families separately about your postseason fees and travel arrangements.

Roster Deadline

Reminder that All-Star rosters are due to your Regional League Manager no later than August 1. Please note that roster deadlines may be earlier depending on your Section.

Quote of the Month

“It finally gives parents, grandparents and friends the opportunity to watch their loved ones compete. Golf is just about the only sport for young people that basically has no audience. I know it's difficult with how some courses are laid out but there should be more opportunity for league play of some kind of competition for everyone to get involved.. That's what I enjoyed about PGA Jr. League.” – Mike A., Arizona

This quote comes to us from our end-of-season parent survey

Captain Soundbite

Recommended Read

Since we're moving into the All-Star selection process, we thought it would be timely to share some reading on helping kids navigate through the feelings that come along with not making the All-Star team.

From the article: "...Well-timed character and psychologically based interventions from coaches and supportive adults help these athletes develop coping skills, grit, and resilience. In other words, it is not our job to smooth the pathway of our athletes, to give them plush fields, carry their gear for them, and remove all obstacles from their supposed path to greatness. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It is our job to help them learn from struggle, and see that the path to the top is not supposed to be easy."

Click here to read “Make Failure Your Fuel”: How to Help Your Athletes Learn from Adversity from Changing the Game Project.