Master Professional Program

PGA Master Professional Program FAQ's

Q: What is the PGA Master Professional Program?
A: This program is the PGA of America's highest designation and is comprised of an extensive project based on the specific certification previously acquired.

Q: What are the prerequisites for becoming a PGA Master Professional?
A: There are three prerequisites to becoming a Master Professional, which include: 1) Ten (10) years as a PGA Member working in your chosen career path; 2) PGA Certification in the area of mastery; 3) Review steps to becoming a PGA Master Professional on and Complete an Admissions Application to enter the program.

Q: Why should I become a PGA Master Professional?
A: The revised PGA Master Professional Program showcases a PGA Certified Professional's continued expertise and experience in his or her specific career path through a proven track record of success and industry involvement. This program is designed to quantify and promote more value to employers and elevate the image of the PGA Certified Professional through a progressive approach to lifelong learning guided by enhanced mentoring and coaching.

Q: How do I get started in the PGA Master Professional Program?
A: The first step in getting started in the PGA Master Professional Program is to complete and submit the application at which time you will be notified of its receipt and assigned a mentor.

Q: What are the requirements of the PGA Master Professional Program?
A: After being assigned a mentor, the first requirement of the MPP is to complete and submit a Literature Review and written Project Phases for review by the MPP Review & Evaluation Team prior to checkpoint attendance. Once approved, the Candidate will attend the Checkpoint to present the approved Project, respond to Project and Presentation questions, and complete a Skill Simulation, if required. The final requirement is for the Candidate to participate in a debrief of Grading and Review of Presentation, Q&A, and Skill Simulation if required following the Checkpoint.

Q: What are the associated costs to becoming a PGA Master Professional?
A: The Application Fee is $250. The Project submission fee is $150, which must accompany the initial Project phase. Once the project is approved, the cost to register for a Checkpoint is $1775.

Q: How many MSR credits are available through the PGA Master Professional Program?
A: Upon completion, the PGA Master Professional Program is worth 36 MSR credits, which go toward the PGA Required Category.

Q: What is the Literature Review?
A: The Literature Review is a list of a minimum of ten (10) publications that have provided knowledge that has been applied to the Project. The Literature Review must also contain an executive summary that explains what was read and the impact it has on their overall understanding of their intended area of study. Candidate must also write about the impact the readings have had on job performance.

Q: What is the Project?
A: The project is an opportunity to accurately portray your ability and expertise in your chosen career path. The Project elements will be submitted to the MPP Review and Evaluation Team in phases. This process is similar to designing and managing a Project at a golf facility – Planning, Implementation, and Results Reporting. Detailed Project information related to each specific career path can be found on

Q: What is the Checkpoint?
A: The Checkpoint is the final stage in the PGA Master Professional Program and is an opportunity to present the approved Project and respond to Project and Presentation questions submitted by the Evaluation team. Additionally, specific Projects, such as Teaching & Coaching, also require the successful completion of a Skill Simulation. Finally, the Checkpoint ends with a Debrief of Grading and Review of Presentation, Q&A and Skill Simulation.

Q: What is the role of my assigned PGA Master Professional Mentor?
A: The role of the PGA Master Professional Mentor is to provide career support, encouragement and guidance throughout the PGA Master Professional Program process, as well as develop and maintain an effective mentor relationship with a fellow PGA Professional who aspires to attain a PGA Master Professional designation. This relationship hopes to benefit the PGA of America, the Mentoring Master Professional, and of course the aspiring PGA Master Professional.

Q: How long do I have to be a PGA Class A Member to become PGA Master Professional?
A: PGA Master Professional Candidates must be a Class A Member in good standing in their chosen career path for at least ten (10) years.

Q: How long does the PGA Master Professinal Program take to complete?
A: TThe completion of the program is entirely dependent on the candidate and his/her availability to navigate through each of the designed phases of the program with the guidance and support of your mentoring professional, as well as the Review and Evaluation Team.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions about the PGA Master Professional Program?
A: If you would like to speak with someone in the Education Department directly, please call (866) 866-3382, option 6 or you may email