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PGA Professionals Describe Their Golf Journey

By Sebastian Czyz Bendsen

A journey is often and almost always a long story. The same applies to a PGA Journey - a golf journey that describes each individual’s narrative and perspective of their time on the golf course. Yet, sometimes when you narrow even the longest story down to a few words, you get something very unique.

Fifteen PGA Professionals who qualified for the 100th PGA Championship, Aug. 6-12, at Bellerive Country Club were recently asked to describe their golf journey in just three words. Read what they had to say.

“Heartache, joy, excitement”
Danny Balin, PGA
Westchester Country Club
“Long, endless, unforgettable”
Rich Berberian Jr., PGA
Vesper Country Club
“Life-changing opportunities”
Michael Block, PGA
Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club
“Eye-opening, time-consuming, rewarding”
Matt Borchert, PGA
Isleworth Golf and Country Club
“Living a dream”
Craig Bowden, PGA Life Member
“Fast, fun, rewarding”
Matthew Dobyns, PGA
Fresh Meadow Country Club
“Fulfilling, rewarding, satisfying”
Craig Hocknull, PGA
Glenwild Golf Club and Spa
“Rewarding, exciting, everlasting”
Zach Johnson, PGA
Davis Park Golf Club
“Fast and furious”
Ben Kern, PGA
Georgetown Country Club
“Changing, lucky, enjoyable”
Johan Kok, PGA
“Great life career”
Sean McCarty, PGA
Brown Deer Golf Club
“Special, hard, fruitful”
David Muttitt, PGA
Los Altos Golf Club
“Grueling, resilient, rewarding”
Jason Schmuhl, PGA
Windsor Golf Club
“Physical, rewarding, long”
Bob Sowards, PGA
Kinsale Golf and Fitness Club
“Rewarding, purposeful, fulfilling”
Shawn Warren, PGA
Falmouth Country Club