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Evaluation of applications is relatively simple if you have a good understanding of the position to be filled. The following is an effective approach for evaluation:

  • Start with the job description. With that, develop a list of key attributes and qualifications you are looking for in candidates that will make them a good fit for the position being filled. This can include prior experience at a specific position or facility type, PGA or PGM status, and skill set or experience with specific functions (teaching, tournaments, merchandising, food and beverage, etc.).
  • Next, read the applicant's submitted documents closely. Here is what to look for:
  1. Resume format - the format of the submitted resume should allow for your quick appraisal of the applicant's skills and accomplishments. Your determination of these should be evident in the first 15 to 20 seconds of scanning the resume.
  2. Resume style - Can the applicant effectively communicate, in short sentences or bullets, and is the resume well organized and free of any mistakes.
  3. Keyword scan - Determine keywords for the position you are hiring (from the job description) and see if you find them in the resume.
  4. Consistent dates - Does the applicant's job timeline seem logical.
  5. Look for patterns or inconsistencies - Such as job hopping, decline in responsibility, drastic career change, etc.
  • You can also use a resume matrix to help sort out your thoughts in regard to multiple resumes. The goal is to create three groups of resume importance after the first scan of resumes; Group A, B and C.

Access "Employer Guide for PGA Member" for additional information.