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Your PGA Professional is the Best Source for Golf Lessons

The PGA logo is the most-recognized brand in the golf industry. A symbol of quality and integrity in the eyes of the general public, it represents the gold standard; the very best in golf.

By establishing and elevating the standards of the golf profession through world-class education, employment services, marketing and research programs, The PGA enables its Professionals to maximize their performance in their respective career paths and showcases them as experts in the game and in the multibillion dollar golf industry.

In addition, every PGA Member must pass the Playing Ability Test (PAT). The PAT tests a Professional's ability to play the game of golf.  Two lesser known facts about the PAT:

  • Only 21.2% of the folks who attempt the PAT ever pass it. 
  • Of those who do pass, 46% pass on their first attempt. 


What does this mean for golfers everywhere?  

It means that when a golfer reaches out to a PGA Instructor, that instructor meets the highest standards in the golf industry for education, service, and playing ability. 

In other words, a PGA Professional can help you play better golf and enjoy your golf experience both on and off the course.