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PGA Career Consultants

PGA Career Services helps golf industry and PGA Professionals advance into higher level employment opportunities including general management roles and non-traditional career paths; assists employers throughout the hiring process; promotes the immeasurable benefits of employing a qualified Professional and provides resources for individuals seeking to gain employment in the golf industry.

With an expanded team of 22 PGA Career Consultants, Career Services offers a toolbox of invaluable resources to meet the hiring requirements demanded by employers today.  Core services, which span your entire career, include career planning, coaching, negotiating, resume writing, interviewing, networking, compensation, education, certification and reporting.

Jason Boaz, PGA

(319) 651-3510

Southwest; Sun Country

Ken Ferrell, PGA

(951) 324-3665


Keith Fisher, PGA

(937) 475-4509

Kentucky; Northern Ohio; Southern Ohio

Kelly Gilley, PGA

(832) 458-8112

Northern Texas; Southern Texas

Jonathan Gold, PGA

(516) 567-6918

Metropolitan; New Jersey; Philadelphia

Kathy Grayson, APRW

(239) 207-9181

South Florida

Monte Koch, PGA

(206) 335-5260

Pacific Northwest; Rocky Mountain

Chris Kulinski, PGA

(561) 366-2791

Central New York; Western New York; NE New York

Jacqueline Madison, PGA

(612) 852-4910

Iowa; Nebraska; Minnesota

Ryan Holland, PGA

(847) 204-2016

Illinois; Wisconsin

Michael Mueller, PGA

(816) 585-7407


Jim Remy, PGA

(561) 268-3946

Connecticut; New England

Todd Smith, PGA

(765) 244-1300

Indiana; Michigan

Keith Soriano, PGA

(720) 841-1006

Colorado; Utah

Greg Stenzel, PGA

(561) 379-7724

Middle Atlantic; Tri-State

Don Sweeting, PGA

(910) 299-2880


Sean Thornberry, PGA

(561) 624-7630


Doug Turner, PGA

(972) 977-2746

Gateway; Midwest; South Central

Kevin Walls, PGA

(662) 489-1528

Gulf States; Alabama-NW Florida; Tennessee

Jim West, PGA

(561) 446-4928

North Florida

Ed Winiecki, PGA

(561) 624-7692

Southern California

David Wilson, PGA

(469) 486-1089

New England; Connecticut

Caitlyn Doyle, PGA

(541) 231-8424

Northern California