PGA of America

Golf Operations Recommendations

Action Steps

  • Convene or form a facility safety committee. All face-to-face and meetings should follow social distancing suggestions. Hold these meetings in bigger rooms where the team is standing apart from one another. 
  • Suggest screening staff each day. Staff members with flu-like symptoms should be asked to go home.   
  • Appoint one facility team member to be the point of contact regarding questions or concerns for Covid-19. 
  • Send a notice to membership/guests regarding Covid-19 concerns and actions taken. This includes CDC best practices the facility is following and notification that the facility is closely monitoring and following all restrictions imposed by federal, state, and local governments
  • Send a notice to facility employees regarding Covid-19 concerns and actions taken. This includes CDC best practices the facility is following and notification that the facility is closely monitoring and following all restrictions imposed by federal, state, and local governments.

Actions Specific to Golf/Club Operations

  • Visit the USGA Rules and Handicapping Guidance during the Covid-19 pandemic by clicking here. 
  • Frequent cleaning/sanitizing of high touch areas in offices, including doors, phones, keyboards and counters.
  • Frequent cleaning/sanitizing of golf car high touch areas (i.e. steering wheels, cup holders, seats). Consider having sanitizer wipes available for golfers in the golf cars.
  • All cart attendants should wear rubber gloves to attend to guests.
  • Space golf cars in staging area (i.e. further apart to accommodate appropriate social distance of six feet or more). Allow one person to ride per cart if requested.
  • Golf bag must remain in the golfer’s possession at all times. After play, no staff member should handle bag. Recommend keeping in car or at home.  It should not be returned to the bag room.
  • It would be helpful for larger staff sizes to have staggered start and end times for the day, as well as staggered lunch and break schedules.
  • Staff levels appropriate to facility activity. (i.e. fewer staff when possible to limit possible exposure).
  • Follow local restrictions for the size of your golf groups, but space carts out with six feet minimum buffers between. Consider boxed meals placed on the carts instead of gathering in the clubhouse; awards ceremonies and gathering of groups should follow local restrictions. If allowed, adhere to proper spacing.
  • In extreme areas of caution, consider having a health provider take the temperature of guests/members and not allowing them onto the facility site if the temperature was over the acceptable reading. (This has state and employee consent requirements.) 
  • All bathrooms wiped down and cleaned every few hours. Hand sanitizers available in every bathroom.
  • Caddies need to wear gloves and should not touch grips.
  • Walking should be encouraged.
  • Based on local situations, consider shutting down Locker room amenities  including steamers, spas, showers.
  • Based on local situations, Fitness facilities should be limited or closed.  Wipe down after each use.
  • Restaurants (where available) should REMOVE tables to allow appropriate social distancing.
  • No buffets - take out food or box lunches only.
  • Beverage cart operations should be single servings (no mixing) – Beverage cart drivers must wear gloves (as with all FB staff)
  • Golf and caddie staffs should be provided areas where social distancing can be accomplished.
  • Employers should consider laundering uniforms so as not to rely on staff.
  • Consider remote check in. Especially at Member Clubs. If remote check in is not possible, restrict the gathering place in the golf shop. Consider a line that keeps six feet between the check in counter and the next guest.
  • Golfers should be asked if they would like to be paired together, not forced to be paired together. Smaller groups other than foursomes should be allowed. Offer one cart per person.
  • Sanitize water coolers/water dispensers multiple times per day. Consider offering chilled bottled water to replace on course water coolers/water dispensers.
  • Modify flagsticks and cups on the golf course:

    • Flagstick cup liners can be elevated two to three inches above the surface of the putting green and players putt to the cup liner rather than allowing the ball to go into the hole thus eliminates the need to remove the flagstick.
    • Flagsticks removed from play, cups turned upside down in the green to prevent the ball from entering the cup and hole location sheets provide for players.
    • Foam water noodles cut to fit around the flagstick and fill the cup to avoid having to remove the ball from the cup.
    • If flagsticks are left in play be sure to sanitize them multiple times per day.
  • In our continued effort to provide sanitary conditions on all golf courses, remove bunker rakes. All bunkers can be raked in the morning and Members/Guests can play in the bunker with a preferred lie. We encourage foot raking of any shot to provide a better lie for the next group coming through after.
  • Post signage and implement practices advising NOT to remove the flagstick; or cut a second cup within close proximity to the flagstick to allow the flagstick to be kept in place.
  • A “gimme” circle painted around the cups (2 feet) to allow golfers to pick up versus put their hand in the cup to retrieve their ball.
  • Practice facility set up should be at every other spot and people may have to wait. Same with lessons. Instructors/coaches should tell their students that they will have a minimum of 10 feet of social distance or a private area for instruction (golf lessons should not be impacted as these are single transactions and adequate social spacing is easily provided).
  • Sanitize on course ball wash units multiple times per day.
  • Increased cleaning/sanitizing of on course restroom facilities.

Actions Specific to Club Food & Beverage

These are much more closely regulated by state and local authorities. We recommend following the guidance of the National Restaurant Association regarding the operations of all F&B at your facility.


Do what is right. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Your business will be much more profitable long term if you work with your clients in these troubling times.

  • Offer full cancellation credits for use at your facility in the future.
  • Federal and state relief resources for small businesses.

General Actions to Prevent the Spread of Covid-19

  • Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands! Don’t touch your face.
  • Install hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility with member/guest activity (i.e. clubhouse, admin offices and locker rooms).
  • Institute more frequent and thorough cleaning procedures for high touch areas (i.e. door knobs, light switches, tables, chairs, etc.).
  • Educate members/guests and staff as to the protocol of social distance, hand washing and other best practice recommendations put forth by the CDC.
  • Encourage facility members/guests and staff to recognize proper social distance of six feet or more from others to limit physical contact such as handshakes.
  • Encourage members/guests and staff members who do not feel well to stay home.
  • Bartenders, Golf Shop staff, cashiers must use hand sanitizer between transactions.