PGA of America

PGA of America Executive Leadership and Board of Directors

Officers and Executives

Vice President

Jim Richerson, PGA


John Lindert, PGA

Honorary President

Paul K. Levy, PGA

Chief Executive Officer

Seth Waugh

Chief Operating Officer

Darrell Crall

Chief Championships Officer

Kerry Haigh

Chief Membership Officer

John Easterbrook, PGA

Board of Directors

The PGA Board of Directors includes representatives from each of the PGA's 14 districts, two independent directors and a member of the PGA Tour. Each District is comprised of the PGA Sections listed under the District Director.

Noel Gebauer, PGA

District 1

Tom Henderson, PGA

District 2

John Bridgeman, PGA

District 3

Steven Aloi, PGA

District 4

Ronald Osborne, PGA

District 5

Terry Russell, PGA

District 6

Nathan Charnes, PGA

District 7

David Schneider, PGA

District 8

Ron Rawls, PGA

District 9

Kelly Williams, PGA

District 10

Bill Troyanoski, PGA

District 11

Tony Martinez, PGA

District 12

Patrick Richardson, PGA

District 13

Don Rea Jr., PGA

District 14

Renee Powell, PGA/LPGA

At-Large Director

Christopher Liedel

Independent Director

Andrea B. Smith

Independent Director

Johnson Wagner, PGA

Player Director