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We've made some updates to Let me show you some new features and site improvements.

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We haven’t moved everything around -
you can still login to your account from here.


We've also added a new way you can login to your account, access your Profile, manage your Settings and Content Preferences. This option will always be displayed at the bottom of your screen wherever you are on the site.


Once you are logged in, you can access your Dashboard here.


We have brought all your personalized tools and resources together into one spot. Find your individual Employment, Education, Section, and Tools here in your Resources page.


Access your PGA Directory here.


Access your PGA email with one click.

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Your Profile and Account Settings have not changed.
You can find them here.

Content Preferences

You are now in control of the content you see. Change your view, and even pick the type of content you want to see in your feed in your Content Preferences.



Your newsfeed presents you with the most relevant topics in real time. These topics are controlled by your Content Preferences and your Connections—not PGA Headquarters.

Suggested Connections

Leverage the most valuable component of the PGA—your fellow Members. Like Facebook or LinkedIn, your connections will improve the content you see on, and they will help you build your personal brand and network.

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Have articles and resources you use all the time? Want to read something later? Save them directly down to your personal file. You can access your Saved Articles from any page via the star at the bottom of the screen.

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