PGA of America

Alternate Submission Options

Alternate PAT Events:

To satisfy the 36-hole PGA of America Playing Ability Test (PAT) requirement, participants aged 16 or older can use the first two round scores from various qualified golf events. Eligible events include:

  • PGA Professional Tour tournaments
  • Collegiate golf tournaments (across all divisions and junior colleges)
  • PGA National or Section events
  • State Opens, State Amateurs
  • High School Championships
  • USGA or R&A 36-hole qualifiers
  • AJGA events with minimum yardage qualifications

Two 18-hole scores from rounds played in PGA-sanctioned events (National. Section. Chapter) that restrict participation to PGA Members. Associates. PGA Students and/or non-PGA Professionals that qualify as a PAT attempt, may be combined within a one-year period of each other to fulfill the 36-hole PAT requirement.


Handicap Submissions:

As a preliminary step in the PGM Associate Program, participants can submit a handicap index of less than ten as a qualifying score.

Note: this submission is considered a qualifying score, and a passing PAT must be achieved before election to Class A Membership.

Combining PAT Scores:

Participants in standard 36-hole PAT events have the option to combine two 18-hole scores from multiple PAT events within a year to meet the 36-hole requirement.

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