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Lessons from the PGA Championship

Hear from various PGA Members, about their roles and responsibilities surrounding the PGA Championship, and other PGA News that might be useful to you and your facilities and businesses.

The Role of a Host Section

Len Dumas, Executive Director and COO of the Northern California PGA Section, provided some valuable insight on what goes into hosting a PGA Championship and how to make the most of this role. Read about Northern California's success here and read his interview below for more.

How do you promote the PGA Championship to PGA Members? The primary way we promote it is reaching out section facilities for hole marshals. We see that all time. We call many of our clubs, who then reach out to their section members. That was a big deal. And we also ask for hospitality recommendations that they can make. When you select committee chairs, which is what we did, that’s part of it. We look at a role, such as a sales role, and we ask who in our section is really well connected that could lead to some solid contacts?

What do you see PGA Members get most excited about in hosting a Major Championship? Volunteering and actually being on property, being close to the event, and being close to the players. No matter what their role is they are just excited about being there. We’re very good about being in service mode.

What advice would you give to other members when there is so much uncertainty and unknown? One is that this is OUR championship. This is one of two things that we own, the other is the Ryder Cup. This is our championship happening in our backyard, that’s a big deal. And we’re going to make a big deal about the Team of 20 and make sure we introduce ourselves to them, we give them customized gifts. It was tricky getting people to sign up to help early on, but keeping everyone excited was key.

Why are the 20 PGA Club Professionals competing in the event so important to our members and our association as a whole? Because it’s our championship. That’s why. People don’t always understand the difference between the PGA Tour and the PGA of America, so in our hearts, that’s why it’s so important to play up those 20 players because that’s what sets this event apart from the rest.

What other advice would you offer up from a host section perspective? We’re thankful the championship is happening, big time. Now the goal is to still be the best host we can be and make sure that TPC Harding Park and San Francisco shines in whatever way we can accomplish it.

PGA Coach

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Playing TPC Harding Park

TPC Harding Park General Manager Tom Smith and Head Professional Andy Stoterau, both PGA Members, shared their thoughts with on how to best approach the challenges presented in the Willie Watson and Sam Whitting designed course. Click here for their course guide.