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PGA Team of 20

Each year, 20 PGA Members get to compete on one of golf’s grandest stages at the PGA Championship. Meet this year’s Team of 20 and check back in for additional updates as the field tees off on Thursday, August 6. As a PGA Member, what does the PGA Championship mean to you? Share your insights with us by clicking here.

Championship Stories

  • Check out all the buzz surrounding the Team of 20 at the PGA Championship by clicking here
  • Read about how Jason and Liz Caron are the dynamic duo running Mill River Club here.
  • Relive all the exciting moments from the PGA Team of 20 here.

Pre-Championship Stories

  • Here’s a deeper look at five of the 20 PGA Professionals teeing it up at TPC Harding Park: Mike Auterson, Danny Balin, Alex Beach, Rich Berberian Jr. and Justin Bertsch.
  • Get to know five more PGA Professionals who will take on TPC Harding Park: Jason Caron, Benny Cook, Judd Gibb, Jeff Hart and Marty Jertson.
  • Check out Part III of getting to know the Team of 20, including Zach J. Johnson, Alex Knoll, Rob Labritz, David Muttitt and John O’Leary.
  • Last but not least, meet the final five PGA Professionals competing in San Francisco: Rod Perry, J.R. Roth, Bob Sowards, Ryan Vermeer and Sean Warren.
  • What are the Team of 20 players most looking forward to? Take a little time to see what they’re looking forward to as they tee it up alongside the best male golfers in the world.
  • From Bob Sowards making his 11th career appearance to Rob Labritz looking to claim back-to-back low club pro honors, the Team of 20 is full of unique storylines to root for this weekend. See what else they have to say heading into the weekend!