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Golf Course Maintenance Best Practices

Below is a list of best management practices to ensure our golf course maintenance teams operate safely in the current environment with heightened concerns surrounding COVID-19.  As we continue to operate in these challenging times, these practices will ensure a safer work environment for team members. Team members must self-monitor. If a team member feels sick or has any of the symptoms, they are not to report to work and should call a manager on duty.

Maintenance Facility – Shop Area

  • Staggered start times for staff/split shifts to limit the numbers at arrival, team meetings, at lunch break, and departure times.  No one is to congregate in groups.
  • To ensure appropriate social distancing rules of 6 feet or more between all employee’s, staff meetings to be held in open air space such as parking lot or large storage bays.  
  • No visitors will be allowed on or within the golf course maintenance facility.  This includes outside distributors and manufacturer representatives. Meetings can be held via telephone, hangouts meet, zoom or other platforms.  
  • Discontinue use of time clock. Time sheets used for all employees.
  • All employees required to wash hands for 20 seconds prior to the start of their shift, before and after the lunch break, and prior to departing for the day.
  • Locker room facilities to be cleared of all belongings.  Additional uniforms, gear and all belongings can be kept in personal vehicle on-site.  No personal belongings allowed to be stored on-site.
  • Breakroom facilities common use items (i.e. coffee pots, vending machines, refrigerators and microwaves) have been suspended.  Coolers are suggested for meals and personal beverages and stored in personal vehicle.
  • Secondary break and lunch area set up to allow for greater social distancing.
  • No employees other than Equipment Managers are permitted in mechanics area.  Equipment Managers should take all necessary precautions to ensure all tools and key touch points are cleaned and wiped down regularly (i.e. grinders, workbenches and commonly used tools).  All mechanics should always use good hand hygiene and wear protective latex gloves during work hours.
  • Management to set guidelines for cleaning facilities three times daily (In morning after staff arrivals and teams depart to golf course, after lunch hour and at the end of the shift once everyone has departed for the day.  Focus on all key touch points (door knobs, restrooms, tables, chairs, sinks, computers/keyboards etc.)
  • Key staff members who are responsible for specific areas such as Irrigation Foreman and Application Foreman need to be responsible for all inventories and cleanliness of respected areas.  Other team members (outside of management) will not be allowed in designated areas without specific permission.  

On Course Work Environment

  • Maintain social distancing of a minimum of 6 feet at all times.
  • Disposable protective gloves worn and changed out when necessary.
  • Equipment such as carts and radios will be assigned.  Protocols for cleaning all touch points on all equipment put in place immediately.  Staff to be responsible for disinfecting equipment prior to and periodically during operation.  Disinfectant at key tool stations will be available for staff to wipe down tools prior to and after use. (i.e. shovel, rakes, fuel cans, cup cutters etc.) 
  • Break crews up into pods of front nine crew and back nine crew. Remain in these pods as much as possible to reduce interaction of entire crew.
  • Training on various equipment will be done with social distancing. When possible equipment training will be done by mirroring, with the trainer and trainee each working with their own identical piece of equipment to eliminate the need for sharing equipment in close proximity.

End of Shift Procedures

  • Staff to be responsible for disinfecting equipment post operation.  Disinfectant at key tool stations will be available for staff to wipe down tools prior to and after use. (i.e. shovel, rakes, fuel cans, cup cutters etc.) 
  • Each shift will leave property immediately after their shift.
  • Each team member will be reminded of the importance of social distancing away from the job as well as on the job

Note: The above best practices have been provided by PGA Properties.

From the Golf Course Superintendents of America (GCSAA): COVID-19 Pandemic Resources