PGA of America

PGA Member Assistance Program

If COVID-19 has devastated your family financially, or you need help balancing the added demands at home and at work during this time, the PGA is here to help. We encourage you and your fellow PGA Members to learn more about the PGA Member Assistance Program here or to access the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Coronavirus toolkit here.  

Below are the latest resources that have been added to help you navigate the impact and aftermath of COVID-19. Please note that additions to the microsite will continue throughout the pandemic so you’ll receive regular updates to keep you informed.

  • “Stress Management” webinar – understanding different types of stress and their effects, plus practical tools and information regarding healthy habits and coping skills.
  • “Caregiver Stress” webinar – discover steps every caregiver can take to preserve their health and wellbeing.
  • “Challenging Negative Thoughts” webinar – learn the impact of negative thinking and ways to identify, challenge and change these thoughts.
  • Understanding Self-Quarantine tip sheet.
  • Receiving Home Deliveries During COVID-19 tip sheet.