PGA of America

Coaching Best Practices

Below is a list of best practices for you to consider implementing while coaching in the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) environment:

  • Make sure you are staying up to date on public health guidance and any mandates from your local and state governments. We suggest checking online resources at least three times per day (morning, mid-morning and early afternoon) and follow their recommended best practices.  Limit group sizes and/or make the necessary accommodations to meet local standards.
  • Avoid making any physical contact during a lesson (starting with no handshakes) and ensure you maintain the recommended social distancing (six feet, 10 if it’s windy). Some additional common-sense tips:

    • Don’t touch clubs or the person, and don’t tee up the golf balls.
    • Don’t touch their carts or bags.
    • Don’t touch the bag stations unless you have wiped them down first.
    • Have anti-bacterial wipes with you at all times.
    • Don’t touch your face and wash your hands between each lesson.
    • When doing video and showing them their swing, have your device on a stand and ask them to stay six feet away.
    • Have students takes their own notes with their own pen.
    • When using Trackman, use your largest possible screen so the numbers are easily read by the student from far away.
    • Don’t allow the people you are teaching to eat during the lesson (they are touching their hands to their mouth when doing so).
    • Ask people to bring their own water.  Even if you have removed water stations and have bottled water available, students could be leaving used water bottles behind for you to discard.
    • Use your own alignment stick and training aids that are cleaned non-stop if used on a student.
    • If you have a registration table for larger groups, have sanitizer available on the table and anti-bacterial wipes for the pens.
    • If using rental clubs for a lesson, wipe down all grips and clubs with anti-bacterial wipes prior to and after use.
  • Over-communicate before your lesson. Make sure your students are aware of the practices and procedures you and your facility have in place to ensure their health and well-being. Make sure they are aware of what is expected of them once on property – the health precautions and standards they will be required to follow. 
  • Don’t risk anyone’s health.  If you or a student is not feeling well, reschedule.
  • Consider creating a virtual coaching academy online or offering lessons via video using Google Hangout or FaceTime options to connect with your students.  Stay tuned for more to come on distance coaching suggestions.